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grasshopper mower deck will not raise


Also, if your mower has a pulley for running the cable, make sure that its working smoothly . If yours is junk, I'd tear it apart to see where it's breaking and decide how to proceed. Secondly, you have to look for bent or broken linkages. 3661-61" Side Discharge Deck, Grammar Air Ride Seat, New Bar Tires, Wide Stance Rear Axle . Clear debris from air filter housing. You may or may not have to remove the mower deck to do this, so consult your models instruction manual for more specific instructions. For plugs that are still in good condition, adding an ounce of motor oil to the cylinders and cranking the engine a few times will help keep cylinders lubricated during winter storage. Step 3 - Remove the side discharge shield. If a replacement is needed, always choose a genuine Grasshopper fuel filter to keep your mower running at peak efficiency. Over time the cable can stretch and even break, and when this happens the cable will need to be replaced. To replace the cable, first locate the attachment points for this cable and disconnect it. I push the on power up button but all it does is make a ratcheting noise,Help:confused2: . Remove debris from around engine and transmission. Fill fuel tank with fresh fuel. It had 13.8 volts when I moved it into the shop from the storage shed, and was running 14.0 approx when running at an idle. Storage Finally, Grasshopper recommends storing your mower indoors and out of the elements to prevent undue wear and tear and to ensure it's ready for its next use whether that's snow removal, debris cleanup or mowing. When I engage PTO switch mower blades wont turn. Think I found those for around 200 on shoup. Thoroughly clean all grease fittings and lubricate with SAE multi-purpose grease. @oldturkey03. Do not straighten bent blades or add weight to blade tips; bent or altered blades will affect airflow and diminish cut quality. At this point, you can replace the linkage and re-install the cable. problems sense new, belt kept coming off, fuel tank had leak,deck Idler replaced.All under 25 hrs.Warranty cover it. Maybe just lucky. will hit 1000 hours next year. Replaced switch and it still didn't work. 2.) Since mower decks are universal, many people use them interchangeably but dont focus on the installation. Never reinsert a previously used inner filter as it could compromise the seal between the filter and engine intake. Also, place the mower engagement lever in the disengaged position. Then the blades come on again, any sugestions, Aug 26, 2018 by Still dies for some unknown reason, Famous clumping under deck. This is a Scott's 2048. Do not clean pre-filter or pre-cleaner every day; a dirty filter is more efficient than a clean filter. Pins are used to attach different rods to the unit. Website Copyright 2022, The Mower Shop, Inc. Not sure if this is the problem but i was told to never mow carrying the deck on the lift without stops in. I like to fully charge it after putting it back into the mower. My pto will turn the blades off after 2 minutes the relay for the pto under dash is getting hot is that my problem? Decided it was the switch. Anyone ever use a reel actuator if I remember right is for a massey head. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. With our Fix app, you always have a personalized repair guide on-hand. Dixie20j said: My mowing deck won't raise up. Inspect for engine oil, transmission fluid and radiator coolant leaks. Next, locate the bracket and deck adjustment assembly, and remove the bolt holding it in position. Choke button: Starting in cold conditions or when you need a higher fuel air ratio calls for the choke switch you will need to set the to 1/3, Throttle Control Setting: You will need to adjust the throttle setting as mentioned earlier based on your mowing conditions. However, with time, this cable can stretch or break down, which makes it challenging to control the decks position. Removing the dome protecting the shaft will expose the parts that need to be cleaned. Unsave Save. A working Grasshopper engine runs at much faster speeds than automobile engines and thus should be given a few minutes of warm-up time to ensure lubricant is flowing freely throughout the engine. Transmission fluid change intervals for Grasshopper mowers range from 300 to 1,000 hours with specially formulated CoolTemp Hydro-Max fluid. However, you must hire a professional to change the links as the connections are sensitive. Step Cutting. You can initiate a steeper zero-degree turn by pulling the right lever towards you and pushing the left lever forwards away from you the further you push or pull these corresponding levers, the quicker your mower turns. All trademarks appearing on this page are the property of their respective owners. This is important because you will be using the ground for your measuring foundation. You are using an out of date browser. Featured Listing. Exterior Cleaning Give your mower a good cleaning before winter storage, removing any dried grass and dirt from crevices, and use a solvent such as WD-40 to remove any oil or gas stains. Check tire pressure with a low-pressure gauge. Block heaters are available for most Kubota engines used in Grasshopper power units. Loosen the bolt holding the arm in place, then slide the arm into the hole just above and to the left of the front right wheel, as you're facing the deck. Consult all equipment service manuals for specific procedures, schedules and replacement parts lists. Installed old switch and all was well. . As I remember my mower deck is controlled by the outer lever. NEVER preheat for more than 20 seconds. Make sure that you insert the cable tightly, and when the cable connection is done, put the linkage in place and screw in the pin to tighten it in place. The decks are an important part of a mower and are often added to lawn tractors as well. ken craft, Sep 22, 2016 by Have a 727 grasshopper that once again has a powerfold problem. Excess grease can damage seals and attract particles that can increase friction and cause overheating, premature wear and component failure. Step 2 Raise the seat to expose the two hydraulic pumps located over each of the wheels. Stop the wheel of the mower properly. Clean spark plugs (if a spark ignition engine) and replace, if necessary. Check tire air pressure before each mowing, using a low-pressure tire gauge. is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee by means of advertising and linking to products. You can initiate a steeper zero-degree turn by pulling the left lever towards you and pushing the right lever forwards away from you the further you push or pull these corresponding levers, the quicker your mower turns. Riding Lawnmowers: 1.2.1 - Step 1: Park the mower on a flat surface: 1.2.2 - Step 2: Take precautionary measures: 1.2.3 - Step 3: Adjust the tire pressure: 1.2.4 - Step 4: Raise the deck side to side using lift link adjustment: 1.2 Hard To Clean. The short little adapter pigtail harness from the machine to the PTO connector, and it was shorting out. Also, its recommended that you clean the bottom side of the deck properly to make sure grass cutting or other debris isnt jamming the deck. Step cutting is sharp ridges left in the lawn surface. Warmer and longer days are a signal that the spring mowing season is just around the corner. Shop a huge online selection at I truly believe your switch is shot or the off /on switch are reversed. Here are some great tips to help you prepare your mower for the cold winter months ahead. Russell beck, Thank you all for pointing me in the right direction..after much analysis I found the reason my battery was not charging and that my clutch was operating sporadically was due to a partially broken wire between the alternator and the regulator. I found one of the wires had rubbed of the plastic coating near the clutch and was grounding out. To clean the deck thoroughly, spray the underside with a hose and let it soak for 5-10 minutes to soften up. Replace the damaged bracket with a new one, and re-install the hold-down bolt and the . Zero Turn Lawn Mowers. Still had same problem. drray3337, brianwatsonstory Let me know if it helped. Also check on here. Never inflate to the pressure embossed on the tire. oldturkey03, I have same problem but when I turn pto it try's to engage I can hear and see somethings working upper side of clutch but nothing to the belt pully, LowCharge Check that all fittings and clamps seal tightly, and replace if necessary. Practice the utmost caution when steering to either side to execute a turn never attempt to steer steeply when on a slope. Since 2000, Grasshopper has used extended-life coolant on liquid-cooled Kubota engine models, which does not require as frequent flushing and replacing. Thats because if the lockout valve is closed, it locks the entire system and the deck wont move. Deck Always clean the underside of the mower deck frequently during the mowing season, and give it a thorough cleaning before winter storage to prevent rust. I got new switch, but before I installed it, I hot wired it, it worked again, w the old switch, it worked. @jshockley56 I have a scotts2048 so I might be able to help you track it down off of mine, oldturkey03 Press the deck toward the center of the mower. So, check the cable and replace it if it seems damaged or frayed. It's a simple procedure that takes only a few minutes. Replace with OEM-specified filter, and refill with OEM-specified fluid only. Grab onto the height adjustment arm on the left side of the mower deck as you're facing the mower from the front. Then, disconnect the cable from the linkage and connect it to the new linkage. But I dont know where it goes. Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Outdoor Power. my power fold grasshopper is 9 years old and have never had a problem with it so far. Once I get the deck up and release the button it does not lock and deck does not stay up to clean it. Remove and clean the pre-filter or pre-cleaner. Kevlar-type cord belts are designed to perform throughout multiple seasons in flat-plane deck designs, such as with Grasshopper mower decks. Only change transmission fluid and filter at specified intervals as outlined in the equipment service manual. grasshopper 720k parts. From there, raise or lower the left side of the deck by turning the adjustment gear. Service pre-filter more frequently. I'm trying to get my mid mount mower to rise. Make sure when inspecting your wire harness you give your wires a firm tug; had I not done this I never would have realized the wire was 'hanging by a thread'. Anybody know if a Electric lift Actuator on Bad Boy Lightning can be repaired?Got her out of the shed to mow,was set at 3" would not go up or down. You saved me from buying and installing an unnessacary clutch. In case something needs to be replaced or repaired, you must put the equipment on a leveled surface to make sure the connections are secured in place. Check hydraulic hoses for leaks or signs of wear. Hope this helps, good luck. In addition, if some pins are missing, purchase new ones but be careful about the size. grasshopper 721d parts. SPONSORED. Practicing regular maintenance will extend the life of your Grasshopper and keep it in optimal working order. In addition, it prevents the spinning blade from projecting the objects. Mine just would not carry the current. 1.5 Displace Cutting Height. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! 9 1. Regular maintenance helps keep your mowing equipment out in the field and out of the shop. 4. On the other hand, if the height adjusting knob is stuck, its recommended that you turn the lockout valve in a counterclockwise direction and raise the hydraulics. Turn the key knob to the side to the ON marking decal after inserting the key to start the engine. A motor that turns a screw. Sharpen blades regularly, and check for balance and levelness. First, place your riding mower on level ground. Grasshopper mower maintenance work table, Whenever you experience a problem with your Grasshopper mower and you are not able to fix it yourself, you should transport the mower to the closest service station where trained personnel will perform all repair work needed. For air-cooled engines, remove debris from air intake screen and from around cooling fins. I took your advice took the front bolt loose. Then, try to adjust the knob and it will move easily. I also have pto issues on 2006 rzt50. Ordered another set of Gator blades, a Stens oil change kit. Grasshopper Model #9861 (61" Mower Deck) SL Deck Stabilizer Rod W/ Mount 321275. Number of Bids: 23. If a plug is corroded, replace it before storing the mower for the winter. Remove the mower's air filter and check to see if it needs replacing. JavaScript is disabled. I replaced the pto switch and the same thing happened. . The PTO will turn on and the blades on the deck will turn. check the wiring. Come join the discussion about towing, PTOs, reviews, attachments, modifications, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Battery= Perfect. Change the engine oil and transmission fluid at prescribed service intervals. Consult operator's manual for tension adjustment procedures. Any ideas please, Greg Genoff So i disengaged the pto clutch connection (yellow insulated wires ) or harness and I can pull PTO and she doesn't blow any fuse and she stays running????? I take it out in the winter and put it on a maintain setting for the winter. Operating the steering levers and movement. Refer to the owner's manual for engine manufacturer recommendations for coolant replacement. Pull it downward, toward the front of the mower, until it rests on the metal above the mower's wheel. You can use the previous replacement blade if your old mowing set is some problem, the best idea to invest in a new blade set. Visually inspect all parts and components for proper working condition and replace worn or damaged parts before operating. 2) Push the frame of the tractor by hand until the tractor is level. After this, proceed to shift the main neutral setting or neutral lock setting. Nicole Vulcan has been a journalist since 1997, covering parenting and fitness for The Oregonian, careers for CareerAddict, and travel, gardening and fitness for Black Hills Woman and other publications.

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